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From contact information to location, extract data from the web with machine learning.

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How it works?

Why waste time surfing the web for information on messy and unstructured websites. We taught machines to do this for you, and they’re 15x faster than any human. Save time and resources, PlaceLab it.

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We don't need rules, we make our own.

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We don't need instructions

Unlike scraping tools, our service does not require predefined templates or instructions on where to find data. This means that you don’t have to train our machines to find the data you want by setting specific rules. Simply provide us with a list of businesses whose information you need and let the power of machine learning bring you results.

What is data extraction?

Take a look or try for yourself, send us 100 web addresses and get results.

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Case Study

If you need it, Data Extract it.

To speed up the process of deep diving into unstructured web pages, PlaceLab developed Data Extraction, a service that efficiently navigates unseen websites and generates valuable data. It analyses the content in order to distinguish suitable categories and enriches the database with relevant business data …

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