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Poor data can lead to bad business decisions.
Verify it before you use it.

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How it works?

Need to verify address accuracy and precision? Send us a list of location attributes and we will measure their reliability in real time. We use inhouse preprocessing software and several top geocoding services to measure the precision of your addresses.

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Any size any quality, we can verify it.

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Make sure only accurate and precise data is entered into your database, presented to end-users or used for making actionable business decisions.

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Reduce time and improve efficiency by automating your data verification process. Provide us with a list of business contact details and we will verify it within a few minutes. No matter how big the list, machine learn your way to data quality.

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Our service can be easily integrated into your existing data quality suite through a secure API.

Why we are different

Address format varies from country to country. Some countries have very structured administrative divisions, named streets with associated house numbers, while others don’t.

By combining several reliable geocoders with external services and in-house post-processing software, our Address Verification solution can measure precision and accuracy for any address data in the world.

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Processed addresses worldwide

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Case Study

From data verification to user satisfaction

One of our customers, a large experience provider, faced this exact problem: how to ensure that, in a database containing 40 million places, data validity is not called into question. The company was looking for cost effective ways to proactively avoid poor user experience; such as a wasted trip or simply pure frustration.

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