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Prepare your data for success 

Got business listings on hand? Let us help you asses the value of your data with our fresh, innovative and machine learning empowered solutions. From quality checks through data enrichment and category mapping to online presence lookup, PlaceLab offers a comprehensive solution, leading to increased efficiency and revenues.

From quality to revenue

Poor quality data can silently become a money drain over time. PlaceLab helps address standard data issues, including data evaluation, deduplication, verification and enrichment. Using advances in machine learning techniques, PlaceLab  tools offer world wide support for customers in the business of buying, selling or publishing data, marketing, shipping and any other field involving business listings.

Quality Checkup

Assess the value of your data and define the golden subsets by analyzing all geo-marketing attributes in detail.


Purge your data from duplicates, standardize and correct miscategorized records.


Add value to your data by enriching the data with context-based, verified attributes.

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Investigate. Learn. Improve. 

Unbiased quality confirmation

Bring your sales and go-to-market strategy to another level by comparing and validating your map content against the competition. Put a PlaceLab stamp on the competitive benchmarking results before entering negotiations.

Gain insights from online presence

Determining the accuracy of a business listing is not easy. Businesses are registered, updated and closed down on a daily basis. One of the main methods search engines and data publishers use to decide if the business information you are providing is accurate is by checking its online consistency. Scan how your business listings appear online across main data publishers.

Category taxonomy on steroids

Categories are one of the most important factors for business discoverability and need to be chosen well… and carefully mapped into equivalent publisher categories.


Let us do the heavy lifting of category taxonomy alignment for you. Using natural language processing techniques, PlaceLab Categorization Suite performs automatic category mapping of any given taxonomy into our predefined or custom made ones. It works across many languages, scales and returns results immediately.

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  • Comedy Club
  • Pakistani Restaurant
  • Convenience Store
  • Real Estate Office
  • Fish Market
  • Police Station
Comedy Club
Pakistani Restaurant
Convenience Store
Real Estate Office
Fish Market
Police Station


Categorization problems often arise from language ambiguities, lack of context or initial choice of categories that simply do not describe the business adequately. PlaceLab Categorization Suite can review existing categorized content, correct or suggest new categories to be added.


Missing categories in your business listings? No problem. Based on all provided clues and empowered with our internal tools,  keeping context in mind, we will find the best category fit for all businesses you have on hand.

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Business and Services

Location data lifecycle

The location data lifecycle goes from acquisition, through benchmarking, sales and marketing.
PlaceLab can be incorporated into any part of the location content supply chain, from data collection to dissemination.
Data Acquisition

Coverage Assesment
Potential Data Evaluation
Data Validation

Data Enrichment and Correction
Data Maintenance

Monitor and Report
Adding and Enriching
New Services
Competitive Landscape

Regular Inspection
Itimized Comparison
Sales and Marketing

Communicate the Value
Mine Commercial Opportunities
Track Personal Locations
After Sales Support

Keep Fresh
Keep Adding and Enriching

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