Traffic Benchmarking

Understand your position on the market by comparing your traffic data with that of your competitors.

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How it works?

Make sure your users aware of the congestion ahead. Spot your weaknesses fast by sharing with us your traffic data and we will provide report with actionable insights by comparing it with top players on the market.

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Traffic benchmarking benefits

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Unbiased service evaluation

Independent evaluation will help you get a clear view of strengths and weaknesses of your service.

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Real-time results

PlaceLab analyzes traffic congestion data in real-time, along with the capability of predictive analytics for generating the results ahead of time.

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Competitive benchmarking

Improve your product and communicate your value to potential clients by benchmarking your service with top competitors.

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Go-to market strategy

Improve your decision making process when entering the new markets with the support of PlaceLab's in depth reports.

Let your traffic data race against the best.


Case Study

Thanksgiving traffic jams

A traffic analysis of this type is intended for benchmarking of real time traffic data. Reports are based on the 'ground truth' data and can clearly identify strong and weak zones, but also serve for reporting to higher management.

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