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Building a sales database from the list of conference speakers

Have you ever found yourself at a conference thinking about how your sales database could greatly benefit from the list of speakers? Great idea. You visit the official conference website and likely find the names and, in most cases, the URL of the speaker’s company. However, email, address, category and other important business information is probably not included, meaning you will have to spend hours going through company websites to find this information. In the case of large summits, the list can include over 1,000 speakers, and the process of collecting this data is no longer cost effective. Since conference websites are often well structured, standard web scraper tools can help save time by extracting company URLs, but where to go from there?

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To speed up the process of deep diving into unstructured web pages, PlaceLab developed Data Extraction, a service that efficiently navigates unseen websites and generates valuable data. It analyses the content in order to distinguish suitable categories and enriches the database with relevant business data, driving sales and profit opportunities through accurate data origination.

Data Extraction provides the following benefits:

  • Minimizes the time required to browse through web page content by expediting the generation of accurate data.
  • Generates vital information required from a business’ website, including key attributes, such as name, phone number, location, email, hours of operation, category, etc

A prototype was tested for Speakers attending “Global Big Data Conference” , held in Santa Clara on March 27th and 29th, 2017. The list contained the names of 54 speakers, business personnel and entrepreneurs from 39 distinct companies.

After running the Data Extraction service, a new set of information was produced

  • 22 company addresses
  • 29 email
  • 28 company phone numbers
  • 32 websites were categorized


It took approximately 13 minutes for the Data Extraction service to collect the given information. This is around 15 times faster than a human! Data Extraction rapidly collects and trims a large quantity of data in a way that has proven useful for any CRM database and in a cost-effective manner, thereby providing a seamless and innovative advantage to your business sales strategy.

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