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Location data change constantly, and it is difficult to keep up with everything. Places module provides accurate and valid analysis of your data, based on a breakdown of core Places attributes: Name, Address, Phone and Category. We also provide the analysis of Rich attributes, such as Ratings, Reviews, Working hours etc. Test the completeness and accuracy of your location data, and compare it with competitors.

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The location data provider, further called Map Provider 2, and Unicredit Bank were preparing for the 2015 UEFA Champions League final, which was held in the city of Berlin, Germany. Map Provider 2 wanted to benchmark their own content in Berlin and find weak points in their coverage or data enrichment, as well as to compare their data to competitors. Unicredit Bank is the official sponsor of the tournament and was creating a promotional strategy for the tournament finals event. The chosen benchmarking location was Funkturm (Radio Tower Berlin). The analysis was performed in two general categories, Food & Nightlife and Accommodation.

Graph from address validation PlaceLab report

Results of the analysis show that average Map Provider 1 users will get more content than users of Map Provider 2 or Map Provider 3 when they look for Accommodation features.

Graph from address validation PlaceLab report

Ratings are an important part of Rich attributes for restaurants and similar dining places. Although Map Provider 2, has a significant number of features in this category, lack of other Rich attributes, such as websites, reviews and hours of operation can have a negative impact on user experience. Therefore, users will start moving from Map Provider 2 to another map provider.

Graph from address validation PlaceLab report

As for the Unicredit Bank, the analysis was focused on the coverage of Unicredit Bank’s ATM and office locations in Berlin. The analysis showed significant gaps between the providers’ databases.

The solution PlaceLab offered consisted of three services:

  • Fans and visitors will not be able to find bank offices to attend different promotional events, pick up goodies and freebies and generally have some interaction with the main sponsor of the event.
  • Users of Unicredit Bank services will be forced to use another bank or ATM which will cause the overall negative user experience
Graph from address validation PlaceLab report


The conclusion is that Map Provider 2 has a solid registry of places in the benchmarking area for the selected categories, but content enrichment is needed so that end user experience can be improved. Otherwise, users will move on to another map provider.

All map providers included in the competitive analysis have a very low coverage of Unicredit Bank offices and ATMs. Unicredit Bank needs to supply providers with this data to improve the overall user experience and raise brand awareness.

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